Greg Wolfson Biography

Greg Wolfson began his career in design at 18, creating unique advertising campaigns for mens’ sportswear in Seattle, WA for companies like Union Bay and International News. Upon landing in Los Angeles in 1987 at age 21, Greg embarked on a career in set design. His early work was on low-budget films and music videos, but quickly found a niche in television, working on soaps (Generations), sitcoms (Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Parent ‘Hood, Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher), Disney specials (101 Days of 101 Dalmations, Mighty Joe Young, Flubber, Hercules: From Zero To Hero), talk shows (Montel Williams, Pat Sajak, Sally Jesse Raphael, Gabrielle), game shows (The Price is Right, Family Feud) and variety shows (Gordon Williams, Townsend TV).

After he and his partner Eric became the first gay couple in California to co-adopt a foster child (1994) (ultimately adopting three multi-racial, special needs babies), Greg blazed trails in family-friendly design without compromise. Greg began taking on interior design jobs as well as acting as the primary caregiver to the kids, and juggling set decoration work. Eventually remodeling an historic home that had been neglected for 60 years, he turned it into a movie and television filming location that was featured in FORBES magazine. Greg was able to make his home work for him—big time! Commercials for McDonalds, Eggo, Martha Stewart paints, Chrysler, Purina, and films like Bubble Boy and Orange County as well as TV shows like Judging Amy and The X files all filmed at his home.

Tiring of living “on-set” 24/7, and wanting to devote more time to raising the kids, Greg gave up his jobs in TV to concentrate on a few projects at a time, specializing in turn-key design for second home buyers and condo developers. He perfected a tecnique that allowed him to briefly interview a client, take a small “by the square foot” fee, and deliver a fully designed home – complete down to the ice cream scoop and the hangers in the closet—in one week. Greg reads his clients like a script, and given a free hand can deliver a completed project to a developer or homeowner on-time and on-budget, using top quality materials, original art, and must-have new pieces of furniture such as Kartell’s Louis Ghost Chair. His successful process will both inform the utility of the book and quicken its writing.

Numerous articles have been written about Greg in the last few years. Homes by Design is running a four page article on Greg in the Sept/Oct 2010 issue of their national magazine, Phatguru.com ran an article about Greg in May 2009, with photos of his work and design tips, Homes by Design published a 2010 calendar with one of Greg’s rooms being picked as “Favorite Room of the Year”, Salon.com magazine is doing a feature on his homes in December, Palm Springs Life did a full page feature, SPACE magazine did a four page layout in early 2008 and Dune magazine presented an article in Sept 2007. Desert Home is featuring a box-segment advice column from Greg in its October issue, utilizing his knowledge of outdoor design, and Vallarta Lifestyles has featured photographs of his work at the famous Peninsula in Puerto Vallarta. Greg has been interviewed on the Marilu Show, for several pieces in Mexico and on MSNBC. Greg has produced sets for numerous charity events, including the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center's annual dinner and Women’s night, the Vision Awards, and California Equality.

Greg has been asked to speak about his experience in adoption and special needs parenting for organizations such as The Wall Las Memorias Project, Genre magazine, the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, Out There, QV magazine, InLA magazine, the Advocate and the book “Parents At Last” by Peck/Wilkenson, as well as FORBES magazine’s article “Making your House Work for You” and Set Décor magazine.